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The common developmental delays children experience and what to do about them

Studies and tests have identified different developmental milestones for children to help parents keep track of their growth. However, surveys also show that some kids develop faster than normal. And, there are children who seem to show some slack in their growth. If your children take a longer time to learn to read, walk, or speak, don’t worry! Perhaps all they need are therapy and respite services, such as a short term accommodation Gold Coast professionals in children’s development and disability offer.

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But when should you consider availing of supported accommodation? By taking a closer look at the common developmental delays, you’ll know if your children really need this programme.

Common developmental delays

Developmental delays come in four types – social, emotional, and behavioural; motor; cognitive; and speech. And, therapy and respite services, such as a supported short term accommodation Gold Coast has for children with developmental delays, can help with managing these conditions through a series of programmes.

  • Cognitive – Children with this type of delay may have difficulties following instructions, listening, or even communicating what they want. Cognitive delays could be due to a lot of factors, including seizure disorders, meningitis, chromosomal disorders, and shaken baby syndrome.
  • Behavioural, Emotional, and Social – It’s common for children with cognitive delays to also exhibit some form of neurobehavioural delays. They might have difficulty talking to other people, as well as managing or expressing their emotions.
  • Speech – Stuttering, dyslexia, and dysarthria are common types of speech delays. However, with services like the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS holiday accommodation therapy programme, this can be treated through a series of trainings and therapies.
  • Motor – Many motor delays are due to genetic conditions or structural problems. Children with this delay might have trouble walking, crawling, holding on to objects, brushing their teeth, or tying their shoes.

Refer to a developmental milestones chart and observe your kids carefully. If they exhibit any form of delay, avail of therapies and respite services, such as a supported short term accommodation Gold Coast centre where they can be assisted.

How to help children catch up or manage these delays

Unless you’re an expert yourself, it’s best to avail of professional therapy and respite services, such as a supported short term accommodation NDIS programme, for your child with developmental delay. With this option, you’ll be able to take advantage of different Brisbane speech pathology, cognitive training, and treatments. These early childhood interventions can help your kid discover coping mechanisms to help them handle their condition. In the same way, they’ll also receive assistance that could possibly treat their delays.

Aside from using therapies, it also helps to visit the doctor for medication or supplementation that could help your child surpass the challenges they are facing. Consult a dietician to know the best foods to give them. Refer to a support coordinator to assist you in contacting experts who could help you. And, most importantly, be gentle with your kid and, even if it’s difficult at times, communicate with them.

Your child deserve care, attention, and support, regardless of their condition. More so, if they have developmental delays, they need assistance and support to continue enjoying a quality life.

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